Wearing the Ryze smart watch

To get the most out of your Ryze smart watch, it’s important to make sure you’re wearing it properly so the monitors can gather data accurately.

How to wear your Ryze smart watch

Please ensure the smart watch is fastened comfortably, and if your skin becomes irritated, please take it off and let your skin breathe.

Skin irritation can happen for the following reasons.

  • Skin friction or rubbing
  • Skin exposure to irritants such as sweat, soap or other cleansers left on wearables
  • Pre-existing allergies

Not too tight

Wearing an overly tight watch can trap sweat and cause skin irritation as well as impact the monitor.

  • If you find the watch particularly uncomfortable to wear, please either adjust the watch strap or take it off.
  • If your skin becomes irritated, please stop wearing the watch for several hours or a few days until your skin has healed. If the symptoms persist or worsen, consider seeking medical advice.

Not too loose

Your watch should be snug but comfortable. If the wrist-based watch sensors are not reading your heart rate, try tightening the strap a little bit and keep the watch two finger widths above the wrist. Do loosen the watch after a workout.

Keep things dry and clean

It’s important to make sure your skin is dry before wearing your watch. Wearing a wet device for an extended period will irritate the skin.

After exercising, please make sure you thoroughly clean and dry your hands, wrist and watch strap.

Traces of soap, cleaners and detergents left on the device may irritate the skin.

Use ‘soap free’ cleaner when you clean your watch.