The smart watch does not download the weather data directly. To update the weather data, you must sync the smart watch with the App.

Try the following in sequence:

  1. Enable location service on your smart phone.
  2. Check that the Ryze Connect App has been granted access the phone’s location so that the App can determine your location automatically. If the App cannot determine your location, weather data will not be available. For better service, enable GPS to improve positioning accuracy.
  3. Check that the smart phone has stable internet connection. Being indoor or in an enclosed environment may result in loss of GPS and therefore inability for the App and the watch to obtain updated weather forecast information. Please move to an open area and try again.
    When the smart watch remains connected to the Ryze Connect App, the App periodically sends updated weather data to the watch. However, when network coverage is poor, weather data may not be synced. In this case, earlier weather data is displayed (if available), or the message “data unavailable” is displayed.
  4. If the smart phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, please turn off the Wi-Fi on your smart phone and try switching to the phone’s 4G network.
  5. Do the following
    1. Check that the smart watch is connected to the App.
    2. Swipe down ‘Home’ menu to complete a data sync.
    3. Check that the weather function is turned on in the App.
    4. Check the watch. If weather information is still not showing, go to the App, turn off the weather function, tap ‘<’ on the top left to return to the ‘Device’ menu.
    5. Wait for 3 seconds before turning the weather function back on.
    6. vi. Swipe down ‘Home’ menu to complete a data sync.